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The Coaching Process

Integral coaching promotes the development of the whole person—your head, heart, and body. Through coaching you can get in touch with what matters most to you and take action based on that.

Coaching With Me May Be Right For You If:

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You feel stuck or burned out

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You are having trouble discovering purpose in your life

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You want to grow as a leader or are just starting to take on leadership roles

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You want to grow personally or professionally and explore new opportunities

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You are a design or construction professional who is ready for the “next step”

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You are facing or exploring a major life transition such as a career change or retirement

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You are considering moving abroad, or are an expat or immigrant in a new country

How We’ll Work Together

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The coaching process is a commitment to personal growth and development and it takes time and practice. The coaching program creates a structure for your growth, and the coaching sessions provide you guidance, reflection, and accountability.


We will start with a “chemistry call” to make sure that it's a good fit, and based on that conversation I will create a customized proposal for your coaching program with a mutually agreed-upon schedule and fees. A typical coaching program lasts at least four months, with sessions every two weeks. In the kick-off session, we will dive deep into your world and explore your values, goals, and professional and personal environment.

We will mutually develop a purpose statement for the coaching engagement, and a set of outcomes that can be used to measure progress. Your custom-designed coaching program will include practices and activities to assist you in achieving your goals.

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